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The Powerful Human Mind   

 mind power   Centuries have showed us that anything is possible for a committed human mind. The feats accomplished by men and women in history are a tribute to this fact and yet still we struggle with a sense of limitation in our daily lives. People who have gone before us have left trails of clues, hints, techniques, and inspiration to remind us, to help us, to claim our mind power our own glory.

Regardless of your spiritual or religious point of view the UNLIMITED MIND POWER is available to you. For as you think it, so it can be. Thought is vibration and vibration attracts creation. It is a very simple principle but most people don’t use their mind power to apply it because they think of something they want and then immediately think it cannot happen for them so they stop thinking it! (And so stop creating it!) But once a person gets the knack of staying with a positive vision and refusing negative feelings, they are on their way to more and more realization of the power of mind.

There is a very large world in your mind! You may be interested in learning more about your intuition and how to develop it, or how to be more telepathic. Or maybe you want to learn past life regression, or recapture the memories of your childhood. Or maybe you just feel there is more to life that what is on the surface and would like to explore the depths of your own mind.

Your mind is your manifester! Many people want to know more about the mind so that they can manifest what they want in life. This instinct is one of mankind’s greatest gifts. It is our nature to believe we should have some control over the circumstances of life. In humanity’s present state of evolution there is a surge of interest in the idea of how we create our own lives and are responsible for our circumstances. Inherent in this movement is the innate human impulse to freedom and the rejection of victimhood.

Knowledge about what the mind can do, what the mind can know, and what the mind can create is available now like never before in history. Especially in the West where people enjoy freedom of thought and religion, there is great opportunity now to explore things such as mysticism, psychic development, astral travel, inner life, past lives, spirit guidance, and creative manifestation.

With your mind power you can solve your own problems, and can be free of illness, stress, insomnia, poverty, addiction, and health imbalances such as overweight, or under weight.

More than ever before we are free to pursue the expansions of our minds. We can create greater capacity for memory, increase energy, learn to see what has been invisible to the naked eye, and much more.

What is the key? 

The key is the YOUR MIND 

You must be the Master of your Mind. 

Most people’s minds are their masters. In as much as your mind is your master you are a victim. The mind has no real wisdom of its own – it is rather like a computer, processing what is put into it, and for most people it is always there, ready to process any wave or influence that floats by it.

You have a choice about what to think about. Take Command! Venture out into the realization that if you can stop your mind long enough to direct it with the thoughts that align with what you want you will find that you are master of your mind and your mind power will create for you!


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