find spirit guide

Do you know you have a spirit guide watching over you, waiting to care for you at times of happiness, sorrow, grief or turmoil?  If you don’t then this could be the time to become aware that there is this great force for your blessings and protection.  If you do this, you are sure to see a positive change in your life and then you will never feel things are going wrong – be it your personal matters or your careers; you will know that you are guided. 

I had spent half my life without knowing the power of my spirit guide - then my friend Anne came to my rescue.  Life was hard on me then everything was going badly.  But she  told me about spirit  guides and said how this could prove beneficial for me.  To quote her – some people may call it the gut feeling or intuition, but what it actually is, is the power of your spirit guide, or to some the Higher Self. I was not very convinced but since things could get no worse and I was in a pretty bad state I decided to give it a try – after all I had nothing to lose.

Today I am a mother of a beautiful and adorable son, and my business is looking brighter than ever – I can hardly believe that just  a couple of years back I was in a pathetic situation.  The only good thing that happened to me then, was that I tried the unique:

 find spirit guide


Everyone has a spirit guide!  This spirit guide is nothing but a your own special spirit, or higher self, or angel that hovers around you to take care of and protect you from any wrong or negative energy that might come your way. These spirits have no intentions of harming us and are there at every juncture in our lives when we are caught at crossroads wondering what to do. In my case I’d been married for almost a decade and had no luck conceiving. My spirit guide told me what I was doing wrong and made me realize what has to be corrected. This is like a god send angel designed specifically for you to take care of you through an inner connection and communication.

Every since this discovery, I never ever do anything without consulting my spirit guide. The recording that I told you about helped me discover my guides by helping me get to a state of inner consciousness – more or less a mid theta level of frequency. So, now I am doing exactly what my spirit guide told me – to make public my success story for the benefit of mankind- so that I help as many people I can by telling them about the concept of the spirit guide!