4 Powerful Tools:

1. The Secret of Deliberate Creation

2. Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones

3. The 11 Forgotten Laws

4. Theta Brain Wave Manifestation Video 


You could say that we are quite like MAGNETS.

We magnetize things, people, circumstances, and situations to us that match the vibration that we carry.

Whether you can recognize the similarity between yourself and the ‘stuff’ of your life or your life experience or not, the law of manifestation says, it is there. If you have attracted something that you do not want, somewhere, somehow, you focused on it.

Perhaps you focused on NOT wanting it! It does not matter. 

You focused. We draw to ourselves that which is like us vibrationally.

This is the stuff that dreams are made of. People who manifest their dreams have thought about them a lot, perhaps they day dreamed a lot, perhaps they LONGED for their dream.

The incredible law of manifestation that is behind all this is a law of the universe – an unshakable law. Unfortunately, although we all use this law all the time, every day, we usually use it without consciousness. We constantly create, but the difference may be whether we create consciously or unconsciously. If we are creating unconsciously we usually create with collective beliefs and expectations (‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘there’s never enough time in the day’).

It is time to learn 



Learn the Secrets of creating your own Life Design with the incredible CD series of


Included is six hours of instruction.......there is a world of difference between KNOWING how to do something and actually DOING it.  We dont do what we know because our Subconscious mind resists change. If the Subconscious mind is not convinced the change is possible and safe, it will not allow the change to be made. The Subconscious holds all the cards.

This program will act to convince your Conscious or logical mind how and why this works. After your Conscious mind accepts the logic of how and why it works, it will allow the information to enter your Subconscious.

Permanent and lasting change requires that both the logical (Conscious) and emotional (Subconscious) mind are in alignment. Included areseveral techniques to make SURE that this happens.  

Second, after aligning your Conscious and Subconscious mind you will receive simple instructions on how to use the information to create anything you desire. With everything in place, your Subconscious will align your intentions with the principles of Deliberate Creation through the use of Quantum Physics (Law of Attraction) and you can create whatever you desire in an easy stress-free manner.  

With every copy of The Secret of Deliberate Creation you receive the Quick Start Program. It will show you how to manifest right away. You will receive five instruction cards with precise instructions on how to manifest the cost of this program! Plus you will receive a rapid manifestation audio CD to walk you through it step-by-step... You will be coached each day, along the way...



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In each of us there lies an unlimited power, a power we have been conditioned to believe belongs to a god outside of us, who may or may not bestow grace upon us. Religion aside, these believes presuppose that we are victims.

We are not victims! The power of manifestation is in the power of your mind! As you think (vibrate), so you will be!

Manifestation comes from belief systems. If we believe money is scarce, and we must struggle for it, then that is how money will come to us. The universe will provide the struggle for you. The universe will cooperate with you regardless of your belief. If you believe that you may never have a happy relationship then the universe will supply you with a lack of happy relationships.

Perhaps this sounds too simple. And, yes, there are some subtleties involved. You may feel that you believe heartily in abundance and not understand your lack of funds. But there may be an underlying accumulation of poverty consciousness that you are not aware of, which may need some therapy, or self discovery.

Yet simple this law of manifestation truly is. We have choices. Perhaps we were not taught to rule our minds and tell it what to think about. But if we want to create with consciousness, we can change our lives. All that is needed is to;

1. Know what you want and state it clearly

2. Visualize it

3. Energize it with positive thought AND feeling

4. Control and master thoughts and feelings that match your dream, ignoring doubt

5. Let go

A little reminder about how our subconscious minds work may be helpful here. Our subconscious mind is the part of us that creates our realities for us according to our beliefs. It does not distinguish between what it is 'told' is true and real, and what 'is' true and real. It just does as it is directed. So if you say (with belief) "I am rich" for instance, that is what is your subconscious believes and will manifest for you. If however you say "I am rich" but you do not believe it, then dissonance results and manifestation is thwarted. So say something you can resonate to, like perhaps, "My income is increasing this month".

Speaking of simple, an easy way to get your subconscious mind in line is through the use of




Once you are in the state created by listening to these beats, then, Visualize, Visualize, Visualize. Believe that your dream came true and it will!

And you can excel in making the law of manifestation work for you with the advantage of knowing the trick of affirmations. Affirmations need to be:

1. In positive language

2. In the present tense (I am rich, or, I am becoming rich)

3. Simple, easy words


Make the Law of Manifestation work for you now!!

Learn the:



universal laws of manifestation

How to Use The 11 Forgotten Laws Course

Listen to the  THE FORGOTTEN LAWS when jogging, while in your car during a commute, on the subway or bus or plane. Pop the tracks onto your iPod or MP3 player and take them wherever you go.

With the 11 Forgotten Laws course you’ll actually look forward to your long commute. Imagine that!

Listen to the tracks at home or work, when you’re seated in a comfortable way and able to relax. They will not just train you, but also put you in such an amazing success mindset. You will want to do this daily, it’s as pleasurable as taking a nice hot bath or receiving a wonderful massage.













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universal laws of manifestation 






With Isochronic Audio

To bring you to a new state of awareness






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