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There is nothing like a successful meditation practice to improve your sense of well being, your state of mind and attitude, your health, and your body. Deep relaxation is a powerful healer. Once you have let go of daily thoughts and mental gyrations, your true self, that is always there, begins to emerge, offering peace, joy, and freedom.

 Meditation Made Easy is a program for beginners and meditators alike, and is great for people who are busy and need to learn relaxation within their daily schedule.



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Because of the stress and strain that our civilization is subject to, today many of us are now seeking some sort of relaxation technique or treatment to regain balance. Meditation is emerging as the most sought after relaxation technique. Why might we need to meditate? So that we can rise above the current situation and concentrate on silence, at least figuratively. When we meditate, or focus on this quiet, we are able to come out of the distressing present and think above ordinary concerns. This can relieve the pent up stress and makes us feel light.

Though most of us know what meditation means, few realize the technical basis and theory of meditation. The whole world is full of frequencies and these form the backbone of life on this planet. It is indeed a pity that very few of us understand them though. We all form part of the Beta frequency during our daily activities. However, meditation occurs in the Alpha state which is a much more relaxed, and perceptive state. This is precisely the reason why many people who start meditation are unable to succeed - they find it extremely difficult to get their brains to operate in the Alpha zone, as they cannot stop thinking about their daily activities. Meditation Made Easy is here to help you access the Alpha Zone automatically.

Even if you are able to fine tune your brain and body to function in the Alpha zone, very soon you will find yourself fluctuating between the Alpha zone and the Theta zone and then even pass into Delta which is the frequency that comes into play when you are asleep. So, the trick lies in holding your brain to operate for a continuous or fixed time frame in the Alpha zone where you will be able to blissfully meditate.

So now that you know all about meditation and the Alpha frequency –how can you get into this desired frequency when you want to?

We would like to present our Binaural Beat Recordings that will help you attain your goal.

You will have no difficulty, even if you are new to the world of meditation. You can use our recordings to help you get into the Alpha zone easily. When you start listening to our recording, either over the earphone or through your headset, you will realize that you naturally drop into the Alpha zone and thereby start meditation immediately! Such is the power of our Binaural Beat Recording.

Though there are quite a few classes that are available – both in person and over the internet, it is good to try and see what works best before staring these courses. Why spend time and money on something that is not going to work for you? That is the advantage of our product as you can start listening at times that are convenient for you. You don’t have to travel or spend time in reaching out to your tutor or whoever is training you. So what are you waiting for?



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