past life regression


Would you like to more about your past lives?

There are many ways to find out this information. The best way is from within - how can you question that which your own inner being shows you?

past life regression

This area of knowledge is within everyone

However because of our society and our need to keep our attention on earthly matters, most people do not slow down enough and make the effort to tune into their inner being.

The Isochronic Tones and the Binaural Beats are helpful because just by listening to them you can begin to connect with your inner self, and inner knowledge.


This level of awareness is accessible in the alpha, and deeper states, of consciousness. Normal consciousness is the Beta level. To slow down and reach the alpha state one can meditate, be hypnotized, listen to music, and a fast way is with the use of ISOCHRONIC TONES and BINAURAL BEATS.


You can also find out about your past lives through


Edgar Cayce, renound prophet, gave hundreds of  PAST LIFE ASTROLOGICAL READINGS. His successors studied these readings to discern what patterns astrologically he was reading in order to come to certain conclusions. (i.e. People with Aquarius Moon and specific Uranus aspects having been reincarnated from Atlantis). From these patterns they created a program that would describe your past life experiences and tendencies by just submitting your date, time, and place of birth. This READING is about 12-15 pages long and is available for only $15.95. Get yours now! 

 (Ry Redd's Cayce Past Life Report)

past life regressiohn

  (Ry Redd's Cayce Past Life Report)

When there are so many stories on record that go back to reinforce the theories of reincarnation, how can we deny them? We are left with a conclusion that we did live life before and we did die and be reborn into this current life. There are also theories that also say that what we are in this life is the karma or the results of our previous lives and how we lived them. So is it not surprising that so many are keen to know what they were in their previous lives – but is this really possible?


pastlife regression

 Isochronic Tones  and  Binaural Beats


To understand how this can happen – you might need to know a little about which frequencies bring about which experiences. The alpha frequency allows you to be completely aware and totally active yet totally relaxed.

past life regression


The theta frequency on the other hand, is the frequency that helps in dreaming and sleeping. So when you want to actually look at your past life, then it is ideal to oscillate between the frequencies of the alpha and the theta levels. If your brain gets into the alpha and theta frequency levels at the required levels you are able to easily view the past lives that you have had – what you were and what you did and you end up feeling you have lived your past live all over again!

Though you might have difficulty to start off with to vary your levels of these alpha and theta frequencies, with practice and time, it is only going to get all the more easy – practice makes perfect and that applies for everything – even for past life regression.

Going through your past life could be a revelation in itself and you are sure to understand the purpose of your current life. Apart from learning to correct the things that went wrong last time, you could also take a lesson from your past life so as to live your current life in a way that allows for better character development. This is indeed a very good thing and one good reason why every one of us should try to look back – to our past lives.

Also our Binaural Beat Recording and Isochronic Tones can help you to easily pick up the various levels of frequencies you need to experience in order to view your past lives. This unique recording helps you to oscillate between frequencies that influence dreaming and your waking activities and lets you get to a state in between that helps in understand your past life. Once your brain starts reading these frequencies, then it becomes very easy for you to look back at the pages of your past life, like you are reading a book, right from your present mental condition. So you will be so much aware of yourself when you are actually in the process of looking back at your own life. And that is precisely what our binaural beat recording helps you to do.